An Educational Webinar Series on Coordinated Care Organizations (CCOs)

About the Webinar Series

This free three-part series will help health care providers (HCPs) and practice managers understand coordinated care organizations (CCOs), and evaluate and respond to their management of anti-VEGF treatments. As CCOs take on responsibility for the cost of care and drugs from payers, some are instituting management that can affect anti-VEGF treatments. Part 1 of the webinar series distinguishes between different types of CCOs and explains how their origin shapes their management focus. Part 2 introduces the management tools that CCOs use to manage anti-VEGF treatments. Part 3 Provides strategies to improve access and ensure HCP therapeutic choice vis-à-vis CCO management. HCPs can react on how their current practices are aligned with CCO policies and processes. Each webinar will be approximately 60 minutes including Q&A.


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